Welcome to Buckhorn Lake Estates!


Welcome to the website of the Buckhorn Lake Estates Community Association

We (BLECA) are a group of home owners in the rural community of Buckhorn Lake Estates, Lakehurst Ontario.  A community of approximately 100 home owners. We are located just west of the beautiful hamlet of Buckhorn; between Buckhorn and Ennismore.

Buckhorn Lake Estates is located on the north shore of Buckhorn Lake.  In our rural community approx 15 properties are waterfront.  The rest of the residence have the option of leasing dock space at our community dock area which includes a private boat launch and dedicated picnic area.

Buckhorn Lake Estates (or BLECA) is an organization ran by volunteers.  BLECA’s purpose is to bring together the home owners for the purposes of:

  1. Social gatherings via community events such as BBQ’s and casual golf tournaments
  2. To meet twice a year as an association to discuss events that affect our community (such as road maintenance, water maintenance of our shared well system that is maintained by the township, discuss the dock setup/maintenance program, etc)
  3. To organize the dock access program for non-waterfront homes on the land the township allows our community to use (note: docks are not deeded to homes, the township owns the waterfront land and BLECA is allowed to use the land)
  4. To organize any maintenance required for our communities boat launch and weed removal program
  5. To organize spring roadside cleanup initiatives along Allens Rd, the only access road to our community
  6. Maintain the bulletin board and book sharing storage case at our community mailboxes
  7. Support other community related activities that may arise


Here is a copy of our most recent community newsletter.


Each summer (July & August) Trent Lakes releases a water usage notice. This is necessary since we are on a shared well.

Here is a recent copy of the Township document distributed to our residence in regards to property watering restrictions.

For Buckhorn Lake Estates review sections 5 & 6.

  1. Properties in Buckhorn Lake Estates with 911 numbers 1-100 may water lawns and gardens on even-numbered days
  2. Properties in Buckhorn Lake Estates with 911 numbers 101-200 may water lawns and gardens on odd-numbered days
  3. Permitted hours of watering are from 5 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. on appropriate days
  4. It is an offence for any person to use the water from the water supply system to operate a water fountain, water pond, artificial stream, and for the filling of swimming pools and hot tubs.

Summer Water Restrictions – Trent Lakes Township



The Association represents its members as a liaison between the various government bodies, including the Municipality of Trent Lakes and OCWA (Ontario Clean Water Act) which is hired by the municipality to monitor and maintain our water system, Trent Severn Waterways and Parks Canada for the property on the water, and Provincial and Federal bodies as appropriate.  The primary responsibility is to maintain the water front property and building under the terms of the lease currently in place with the Municipality of Trent Lakes. Annual fees are levied to support the activities in this area including payment for the insurance required by the Municipality as a condition of the lease.