The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have affected activities in our community since March 2020, most notably related to in-person events. As such, the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 General Meetings were cancelled. The Board of Directors continued to meet via Zoom as needed during this time. When restrictions lifted somewhat in September 2021 BLECA sponsored a successful golf tournament, which was organized by Craig Barry. We were also able to hold an in-person General Meeting at the Pavilion on Saturday October 2, which was attended by 33 community members plus the board of directors. Ash Kaushik, our Social Convener, arranged for welcoming coffee and treats.

An emerging issue in our community is the increase in the number of rental properties. Many concerns have been raised by community members related to noise, parking, excess use of our water system, unauthorized use of the waterfront area and concerns about capacity of septic systems. Members were encouraged to submit comments to Trent Lakes Municipality via their online survey about rental properties in the township in October 2021.

The Board of Directors continues to meet via Zoom at this time and is currently exploring options for weed harvesting in 2022 and for the provision of a portable toilet for members at the waterfront area. Look for a survey soon to provide your input.

Volunteers are the life-blood of our community. There will be a call for volunteers to assist with planned re-roofing of the pavilion in May 2022 and with weed harvesting in July 2022. Currently, there are vacancies on the Board of Directors because some members resigned due to health reasons. If you are interested in joining the Board, please send a message via the Contact Page.

Martyn Obbard
President, BLECA