Buckhorn Lake Estates is on Buckhorn Lake (also referred to as Upper Buckhorn Lake).  Buckhorn Lake is part of the Trent Severn Waterway and is bordered on the west by the the Trent Lakes township. On the east it is bordered by Selwyn township and Curve Lake First Nations community. On the south it is also Selwyn township. The town of Buckhorn is at the northern end of Buckhorn Lake, where Lock 31 and Buckhorn Damn connect the lake to Lower Buckhorn Lake.

Buckhorn Lake is part of what is referred to as the Tri-Lakes.  This is in reference to Chemong Lake to the east and Pigeon Lake to the west.  These three lakes are connected however no damn or lock separates them, thus one can traverse through the three lakes with ease.

History of the Trent Severn


Details of the current Trent Severn Waterway

Water levels are maintained in the Trent Severn via many feeder lakes.  Feeder lakes are connected to the Trent Severn and through a series of controlled damns, water is released from the Feeder lakes into the Trent Severn lakes.

Watershed Flow Chart

Trent Watershed Flow Chart