Annual Community Membership Application (no dock)

For membership categories that include waterfront access for boating
please send inquiries to

Annual Dock Agreement

For a current copy of the Buckhorn Lake Estates By-Laws please use the CONTACT page and request.


Resident Membership: $40
Resident Membership with Dock & Key: $80
Resident Membership with Key only: $40
Dock & Key Member Shoreline Maintenance Fee: $75
Key Holder only Shoreline Maintenance Fee: $18
Key Replacement Fee: $20
Initial Key Fee (1x new members only) $10

If you have any questions, please use the Contact page to inquire.

(note: all members have unlimited use of boat launch & picnic pavilion)


Our Mission

The Association represents its members as a liaison between the various government bodies, including the Municipality of Trent Lakes and OCWA (Ontario Clean Water Act) which is hired by the municipality to monitor and maintain our water system, Trent Severn Waterways and Parks Canada for the property on the water, and Provincial and Federal bodies as appropriate.  The primary responsibility is to maintain the water front property and building under the terms of the lease currently in place with the Municipality of Trent Lakes. Annual fees are levied to support the activities in this area including payment for the insurance required by the Municipality as a condition of the lease.