As a new resident of the Buckhorn Lake Estates community, the Buckhorn Lake Estates Community Association has compiled this handy information to help make your settling in a bit smoother. We hope that you will find the following information useful.

Are You Interested in joining The Buckhorn Lake Estates Community Association? We’d be so happy to have you join us. Please contact a member of the Executive Committee about starting your membership today! The easiest way is via our Contact page.  Membership in the Buckhorn Lake Estates Community Association is not compulsory, but we do hope that you will join us.

Our Mission:

“The Association represents its members as a liaison between the various government bodies, including the Municipality of Trent Lakes and OCWA (Ontario Clean Water Act) which is hired by the municipality to monitor and maintain our water system, Trent Severn Waterways and Parks Canada for the property on the water, and Provincial and Federal bodies as appropriate.  The primary responsibility is to maintain the water front property and building under the terms of the lease currently in place with the Municipality of Trent Lakes. Annual fees are levied to support the activities in this area including payment for the insurance required by the Municipality as a condition of the lease.”

There is an annual cost to be a member of the association.  Non waterfront properties do not come with dock (docks are not a part of the homes ownership). All docks are on township leased land and our association is responsible for maintaining the waterfront property.  Dock membership includes shoreline maintenance and annual weed harvesting.  There is also a one time fee for a gate key to the boat launch; replacement keys are available at a cost.  Details can be found on the Membership Dues page.

Like to volunteer? We sure like to hear that! Please let the Executive Board Secretary know that you would like to volunteer your time and services to the community, we can sure use the help! E-mail the Secretary here.

Like to serve?  The Executive Board changes every 2 years whereas our Directors-at-Large serve a one-year term.

To view our current volunteer Executive team, click here


St. Matthews Anglican, Buckhorn – 705-657-9898

Wesley United, Buckhorn – 705-657-9808

St. Martin’s Church, Ennismore – 705-292-8823

St. Jean de Brebeuf, Buckhorn – 705-652-3095



You must have a Burn Permit. The Burn Permit is issued annually, free of charge and can be obtained from the Township Office, or from the Waste Transfer Site Attendants. Please follow the instructions on the burn permit and keep it in a safe place.

If you have construction waste and may want to burn outside of the permitted hours please contact the Fire Chief during normal business hours at the Township Office (1-800-374-4009) prior to burning and make arrangements.

Always call the hot line on your permit prior to a burn to ensure there are no burn restrictions imposed. This is important with living in a heavily wooded rural area. If the Fire Department responds to a fire that is not an emergency, you could be held liable for all costs of their call out.



To order telephone services for this area please call 1-866-955-0557

or visit the Bell World Services Centre, 746 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough, 705-741-2555

Internet services are provided to our rural location via DSL service (uses the telephone line).

DSL service can be purchased through Bell or local supplier Nexicom.



To obtain your assigned mailbox and begin to receive your mail at your new address you must go in person to the Canada Post, Station Main located at  795 Rye Street, Peterborough. Telephone 705-745-9560 ext 2005.


Dog Tags are sold at the Township Office, 701 County Road 36, 1-800-374-4009. They are annual and usually have a discount price if purchased before March 31st of any given year. You can also obtain a tag from the Waste Transfer Site Attendants.

Rabies Clinics take place in the Spring of each year (May/April) by the Peterborough City County Health Unit, call for date, time & place. 705-743-1000.

Dogs are not permitted to be running at large in this Township and must be under control at all times. It is an offence for anyone to allow a dog to deposit waste (feces) on private property or property of the municipality unless that person without leaving the scene picks up the waste and disposes of it in a proper manner.

We are a Poop and Scoop community. (By-law B2003-69)

Please note that Federal Health regulations do not permit dogs on any area beaches, so please leave your dog at home if you will be spending the day at our local Sandy Lake Beach.


Trent Lakes Public Library (in the town of Buckhorn)

Buckhorn Nursery & Daycare – 705-657-1677

Harvey Community Care – 705-657-2171
(Located at St. Matthews Anglican Church, Buckhorn)


You will need a Waste Disposal Site Pass to access any of the Waste Transfer Sites in the Municipality. If you purchased from someone, hopefully they left you a pass.  If you’re newly constructing, contact the Township Office to get a pass and a schedule of times the Transfer Sites are open. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR GARBAGE AND RECYCLABLES TO THE WASTE TRANSFER SITES YOURSELF. The closest Waste Transfer Site is just outside Buckhorn. Go straight through the intersection at the only set of lights in Buckhorn and proceed for  approximately 3 km and on the left-hand side will be a road appropriately named Dump Road.

Details on the counties recycle program can be found here.


Buckhorn Foodland                                   705-657-3311

Buckhorn General Store                            705-657-3202

Country Mart & Bakery                              705-657-3455

Ennismore Foodland                                  705-292-6719



Tamarac Golf & Country Club

Six Foot Bay Golf Course

The Quarry Golf Course


You are now living in the Trent Lakes Township, in the County of Peterborough.

Your taxes will be paid to the Township Administration Office at 701 County Road 36, telephone # 1-800-374-4009, their website is  

You might want to pay them a visit with a copy of your Deed so that they can change their records. The Land Registry and MPAC can take some time before they forward such changes to the Township. The Township cannot change your information and the land ownership until they have either received the information from those sources or by you stopping in with your deed.

There are 2 tax billings per year and each requires 2 payments for a total of 4 payments per year. Call your Township Office (1-800-374-4009) for further information.



Cody Inn – 705-657-8812


Mainstreet Landing Restaurant – 705-657-9094


Pizza Alloro – 705-657-7575


The Olde Ice House Restaurant – 705-657-1131



You will eventually get out and explore and get to know your area, but the following are local services and numbers just to get you started:

Township Office –  1-800-374-4009 or 1-705-738-3800

(For all building permits, property taxes & by-law enforcement)

Buckhorn Public School –  705-657-8803

Lakefield District Intermediate – 705-652-3001

St.Martin’s School, Ennismore – 705-292-8997

École Elementaire Catholique

Monseigneur – Jamot  – 705-742-7571


 Peterborough Regional Health Center

1 Hospital Drive, Peterborough


Buckhorn Regional Health Center

85 William Street
Buckhorn, Ont



 For a list of the many businesses in the Buckhorn and Trent Lakes area, please visit

 Buckhorn Community Centre

Buckhorn Sports Pad
free all year sports pad)